We offer a variety of palletizers and depalletizers, among which can be found from traditional push systems layer to innovative robotic cells, each system is fully adapted and customized to the needs of each client.


Boxes or shrink packs palletizers

Cartesian palletizer
Robot cardboard erector + packing + palletizing
Robot palletizer by groups
Robot palletizer for large productions
Working layer by layer
Bottom entry Palletizer
Superior entry Palletizer
Anthropomorphic robot
Bags palletizer
Modular palletizer Mesh


Automatic Depalletizers for glass bottles, jars and cans. The fundamental characteristics presented our process is that depalletisation is fully automatic, so that further intervention is not required by any operator only the minimum supervision.

Automatic depalletizer for bottles
Automatic depalletizer for bottles
Automatic Depalletizer boat
Automatic depalletizer cans

Dicoma Pack, paletización en Requena