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MINIPAL, the new palletiser of Dicoma Pack

In the spirit of always developing new solutions that meet the demands of our customers, Dicoma Pack has developed a new palletizer. This novelty bears the name of a new model; Minipal. It is a new modular palletizer that meets the needs of companies that have small to medium production speeds and have little installation […]



New projects in design

This beginning of the year began with many projects: Some projects are already being manufactured in our establishments and others are being designed. Projects currently being designed by our Technical Office will be subsequently manufactured and assembled for installation and commissioning by our customers during the first half of 2017. Several facilities include R & […]

Augmented reality in our catalogs

Innovation is part of the DNA of Dicoma Pack. Indeed, we apply innovation to our machines, our manufacturing process and now also our form of closer advantage to our clients. To this end, our sales staff will have a new technological tool that will enhance their work and that will be applied to our catalogs. […]



New catesian robot palletizer Dicoma Pack

Dicoma Pack continues to innovate to deliver quality solutions to market for our customers. To this end, we put forward the design and construction of the new model of our Cartesian palletizing robot PC-5 model which is able to palletize up to 500 boxes per hour. This model has been perfected to ensure excellent services […]

Innovation: packing and palletizing robot in one

In our desire to innovate and provide solutions that improve our customers’ productivity, Dicoma Pack is working on a prototype that allows the unification of two processes into one machine. Specifically, it works with a 6-axis FANUC robot M410ic model for packaging tasks and product palletizing. Novelty, available soon on our range of machines is […]



New pallet wrapping machine

Looking for innovation and continuous improvement, we are proud to launch a new automatic pallet wrapping machine with plastic film stretcher. This Dicomapack machine model RPAL2200 offers maximum performance for each of the needs of our customers, while maintaining an extraordinary robustness which can be found in all our machines. These features, combined with all the […]