New projects in design

This beginning of the year began with many projects: Some projects are already being manufactured in our establishments and others are being designed.
Projects currently being designed by our Technical Office will be subsequently manufactured and assembled for installation and commissioning by our customers during the first half of 2017.


Several facilities include R & D elements and innovative technological solutions:
The project under contract for SACESA, a major distributor of preserves with own brands and with an infinite number of references, DICA and ALIMENCO are two other well-known companies in the canning sector.

CRIADORES DE RIOJA has entrusted us with its end of line with the acquisition of a palletiser in their facilities located in Alberite and the BODEGAS AYUSO company in Villarobledo are consolidating our position in the wine sector.
In export, we want to highlight the two palletising robots for palletizing bags for the company MMCI in Ivory Coast.

In addition, our new Cartesian robot will be delivered to a major chemical company as well as a layered palletizer for mushroom compost at Iniesta.

These few examples will be delivered in 2017 and DicomaPack is committed as always to a 100% QUALITY.


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