Dicoma Pack is present in the largest national and European preserves manufacturers

Companies dedicated to the manufacture of preserves require machines adapted to their high production rates and designed to work in a specific environment. Specialist in this field of palletizing applications, Dicoma Pack is the supplier of palletisers and end-of-line equipment for several national canning producers, but also in France and Portugal.
Two needs are necessary for this sector: Palletizers must be robust and precise to meet the high production rates of customers who are often conditioned to work by campaigns. Our automatic palletizer per layer with bottom or top entry is the end-of-line automation solutions that achieve production speeds of up to 40 packs per minute.

Dicoma Pack

The second need is to be able to work in a humid and corrosive environment, such as brine and the constant cleaning of the installations.

Dicoma Pack

Our clients who work in preserves:

Dicoma Pack has positioned itself as a leader in end-of-line solutions for the main national preserves manufactures thanks to the confidence of our customers in various sectors of activity:

- VEGETABLES: Celorrio, Ian, Dantza, Riberebro, Alimenco, Luengo, Penelas, etc. Luengo, Penelas, …

- OLIVES: Camacho Alimentación, Aceitunas Guadalquivir, La Española, Serpis, Jolca, Acyco, Acorsa, Interoliva, Marciense, Acemar, etc.

- FISH: Albo, Friscos, Vixa, etc.

In addition, we have supplied machines to international clients such as Cister in Portugal and Royal Champignon (Bonduelle Group) in France.
Dicoma Pack continues to provide solutions for palletizing and end-of-line to companies in the canning industry and our presence is growing, proof of our sales missions carried out in Navarra, Andalusia, Rioja, Extremadura, León, Galicia And of course, where a Company needs our machine for palletizing and packaging of any preserves or jars.

Dicoma Pack

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