Palletizer Dicoma Pack, leader in the Spanish cellars bottling lines

Dicoma Pack, in addition to being the end of the line equipment supplier (palletizers) of the most prestigious and recognized “bodegas” (Spanish cellars), is the leading supplier of the  line start of bottling (depalletizers) of these larger wineries.

This leading position is due to the adaptability of solutions Dicoma Pack. Indeed, our machines can meet various production capacities ranging from 6,000 bottles per hour up to 25,000 bottles per hour.

A depalletizer aims to supply the empty glass bottles for bottling lines, the first step automation of entire production lines for bottling.

This is a fully automated system which operates by the movement of all the empty bottles layer with support on the bottom of the bottles to the output table for unloading and accumulation and feed empty bottles to the line bottling.

Dicoma Pack is the leading provider of these automation solutions, such as the prestigious companies like Pernod RicardSidras MayadorGrandes VinosVinos de La Viña, or Martín Códax, among others.

All depalletizers are equipped with additional automation options such as:

. Table unloading and lung accumulation.

. System of cutting and removing the strapping tape

. Extractor with stock for caps and spacers.

. Stacker with empty pallet magazine.

Dicoma Pack demonstrates with its customers that we are a reference in the sector for both palletizing solutions for depalletizing.

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