Augmented reality in our catalogs

Innovation is part of the DNA of Dicoma Pack. Indeed, we apply innovation to our machines, our manufacturing process and now also our form of closer advantage to our clients. To this end, our sales staff will have a new technological tool that will enhance their work and that will be applied to our catalogs. We talk about augmented reality.

So far, the sales team who was visiting a client could only use photographs and videos to illustrate the operation of our machines, moving images of similar machines to those offered to the customer. Customers had to make an effort to imagine the inner workings of machines to understand their operation and their usefulness to their needs.


The catalogs were also used to accompany the technical plans of installation projects. Now, this will be the past because with the help of Innoarea, a communication company specializing with virtual reality technologies to industries, Dicoma Pack will soon have a virtual catalog. This is an application for mobile phones and devices to visualize our machines in three dimensions.


The camera of the mobile phone recognizes our catalog and visualize in three dimensions our machine. The customer can close and remove the 3D image and see in detail the operation of the whole machine: the parties that compose its structure and volume, etc.


The development phase application will be available to our sales department that will use this new technology for communication with customers. Again, with this virtual reality solution, Dicoma Pack again proves to be at the forefront of innovative technologies and offer our customers the new technology.

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