New catesian robot palletizer Dicoma Pack

Dicoma Pack continues to innovate to deliver quality solutions to market for our customers. To this end, we put forward the design and construction of the new model of our Cartesian palletizing robot PC-5 model which is able to palletize up to 500 boxes per hour.

This model has been perfected to ensure excellent services and is adaptable to any industrial activity including where space is restricted. The gripping element has been optimized as to the need for space and the movements are controlled by servomotors. Finally, the 4 pillars oversized avoid any vibration.

FOTO_3 (1)

In addition, it comes standard with a PLC modem for remote support, a color touch screen NS7, safety protection barrier with muting, easy access. Moreover, it is possible to follow “online” functions of this machine to facilitate the work of the operator.


All these features make our machines stand out in the market and contribute to improving the production and quality of our machines for our customers. It is for this reason that the new model will be delivered to our customers GRUPO Yllera (Ribera de Duero) and COOP. LAS VIRTUDES (Villena). Dicoma Pack is proud to be always at the service of our customers.

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