Objective: creating our brand image

At Dicoma Pack, we recognize the importance of having a good image to our clients. That is why we invest time and money in our business and communication strategy for actuations plans in this direction with attendance at conferences and trade fairs.


Having a well prepared catalog of our products brings in that the creation of added value for the customer. We are concerned to have our offices and workshops in perfect condition, clean and tidy and all our employees are equipped with uniforms. The whole forms a desire for consistency with the philosophy of Dicoma Pack to convey the professionalism and seriousness of our staff in all that we do.

To achieve this, we rely on the Innoarea Company, a communications agency that helps us showcase our brand and to manage our social networks in order to get closer to customers through communication and generate trust our clients.

For this, in Dicoma Pack, we continue to build on our image and improve the relationship with all our public, so that together we continue to grow as a company and reach our goals.

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