Installation completed successfully in Belgium

Mission accomplished in Belgium where Dicoma Pack has installed a complete line of automatic wrapping film machine in a center specializing in the treatment of coated steel (PPGI).

Thank you to the professionalism of our technicians and assemblers, Ricardo Olmo and Pepe Navarro, who made a quick and efficient work in assembling and starting up of an automatic wrapping machine provided Steel Coat at its plant in Lummen, Belgium.


With the technical team, moved Sergio Bueno, a contributor to the sales management for export and fully involved and integrated into the team Dicoma Pack, which is responsible for the training of staff on site. Sergio Bueno is a great professional in the international field and fully involved and integrated into the team Dicoma Pack. He was responsible for the training of staff working in the customer’s premises, where he explained the functioning of this machine to the operators and maintenance technicians who will use it.

Sales management took advantage of this trip to visit potential customers.

Again the involvement of our great professionals Dicoma Pack has allowed us to deliver and fulfill the contract with our client. This is why we can only thank all the great work the team did on this expedition in Belgium.

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